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Develop market analysis reports for your business and goal-oriented objectives, track market trends, and study commodities demand & supply by accessing comprehensive Trade Intelligence Data and insights into the companies of international trade market. Access the Customs Trade Data to get more information on companies.

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Create compelling reports and articles with global import export data.

Data Accuracy

Get authoritative Import Export Data with accuracy for information on trade market.


With Global Trade Data, redefine how you represent yourself through your data with your target masses.

Market Trends

Keep your knowledge about international market trends up to date by our Trade Data over a set time period.

Precisely Standardized

Standardized data with precise information helps you design a thorough research and build rapport with others as an authoritative academic or educational institution.

Market trends

We deliver evaluative International Trade Data through our customized online platform with easy-to-understand variables.

exclusive data

Exclusive Data

We provide exclusive information of millions of trading companies globally, helping you connect with many business professionals involve in international trade dealing. The information on prospects can be found in our Shipping Data.

ecomomic data

Economic Data

From Customs Data, get data of companies' import and export transactions and detailed information of the companies as their global trade statistics. Also, access information on the companies concerned commodity supply chain and its economic value.

statistics data

Statistics Data

Develop market research reports on the basis of International Trade Statistics and insights of International Trade Market. Create different goals and objectives and fulfill them with Import Export Statistics. Understand about a specific region through foreign Trade Statistics.

Make academia decisions thinking through well with the right information.

With well integrated and comprehensive Trade Data, develop market research reports and efficiently invest time, money and resources. Reliable data you serve as education has the power to transform an academic institution.