Asset Management Companies

Access companies' information with the required trade data consisting of company's contact details and trade information online to identify ROI, asset risk and trade fluctuations. From crucial Global Import Export Data, optimize your research on assets & investment management.

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Solid data leads to a Good Investment Strategy.

Data leads


Build efficient strategies to uncover unique sources of risk, and also return by gaining clear understanding of your trade investment results. Evaluate trade risk, research and complete your portfolio construction process by accessing Global Trade Statistics. Gain essential insights and study your company performance with detailed analytics to come up with strategies growing your business.


Access industry-specific insights and information to target right kind of companies and investment opportunities for fueling your investment strategies. Leverage the potential of Import Export Statistics and workable insights.

Data Analysis

Our in-depth Bilateral Trade Data and analytics enables you to uncover new investment insights. With research-specific targeted products – researchers, quantitative analysts and portfolio, managers create unique strategies and gain insights into new sources of potential business.

Data Management

Our Trade Insights help you conduct a sophisticated research, preparing customized reports and collecting essential information needed for a streamlined workflow.

Connection Buildup

Get direct communication with detailed company profiles and robust intelligence from our Exim Database including corporate relationships, company database, key developments and so on. We provide Global Trade Data and key solutions such as exclusive information of potential prospects to identify important company's contacts for utilise efforts and instantly combine with your proprietary datasets for refined analytics. Create meaningful business connections with relationship data and insights.