Gain a precise understanding of companies; trade activities, industry trends, and many other Trade insights to achieve your business goals. Access Global Import Export Data and statistics to explore new opportunities.

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Market Intelligence

Get Market Intelligence related to international trade to understand trends & markets, identify new opportunities, conduct good evaluation and locate better business deals.

Access In-Depth Data

See and analyze all actions of businesses with a wider perspective and prepare efficient analysis reports with Import Export Statistics.

Study Your Market

Understand your niche market and find prospects from comprehensive bilateral Trade Statistics by conducting robust Market Analysis.

Trade Data

Find differentiable Trade insights from wide-ranging data and enhance business operations.

global trade

Global Trade

Access Global Trade Statistics online to gain a competitive edge.

Create Ideas and Opportunities

Access Customs Data and trade activities of companies, and connect with potential prospects.


Market Monitoring

Keep a close watch on Market dynamics and foresee likely problems to reduce potential Trade risks to your business operations and concerned commodities.

Supply Chain and Market Analysis

Evaluate supply chains by assessing authoritative shipment data and get a detailed picture of your niche product line. Gain knowledge of market for overcoming trade risk by studying trade map, Trade pattern of commodities, and supply chains of companies.

Exposure of Businesses

Create a qualified list of companies by screening our Import Export Trade Data, on qualitative & quantitative factors including company location, trade quality and type of commodities. Connect with different businesses and conduct different business operations accordingly.


Industry Research

Access in-depth insights for research and industry reports to analyze information of trade market. Improve your competitive analysis to optimize your business performance with Global Trade Data.

Study Competition

Study the level of competition by setting standards, gaining industry insights and monitoring market trends from Import and Export Data. Compare different commodities price and the current trade trend of International Market.

Identify Prospects

From Import Export Statistics, analyze trade performance of companies and identify prospects. With the authentic Exim Data, understand which potential industries are good for growing your business.


Industry-Focused Solutions

Mineral and Metals

The United States in minerals and metals continued to be concentrated among three leading trading partners: Canada, China and Mexico. These three countries together roughly accounted for 40% to U.S. total imports and 30% to U.S. total exports. Get full data coverage on mineral and metals to get an update on global trade developments.


The global exports of organic chemicals valued USD 18.7 trillion approximately in 2019, while global imports valued USD 19 trillion. Our international trade database covers statistics and shipping information on every industry, which is crucial to your business.


The United Kingdom FMCG sector is the largest manufacturing industry in the world accounting for about 14% of all manufacturing. Find more about global FMCG industry worldwide by accessing industry-specific bill of lading data and market research reports.

Leather and Textile

The global export of raw leather was USD 18,426.02 million in 2019, while import value of raw leather was USD 18,965.91 million in 2019. The import value of textile products was about USD 10.6 billion globally in 2019 and export value was USD 13.2 billion worldwide. Access complete data of leather & textile industry by country and product keyword.

Other Industries

We also offer solutions for other industries including Live Stock, Rubber, Live Animal, Vegetables, Plastics, Wood, Machinery etc.