Precise data is crucial for exporters community as it covers all the significant information about traded goods across International Markets. Exporter data we provide helps you find buyers around the globe, gain insights of your competitors and get a complete picture of Import-Export commodities.

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Find legitimate businesses faster from comprehensive data coverage.

Identify and Connect to Potential Buyers

Create a qualified list of potential buyers by accessing company data online and connect & engage with right businesses. See and analyze global demand of goods which you export from product-specific data.


Track Your Competitors' Exports

Gain visibility into export activities of your competitors and their trading partners to stand out from the crowd. Gain insights of competition level from the complete coverage of companies' export activities that you can access from our dashboard.


Proactively Monitor Buyer Activity

Access Export Data online and understand every trade activity of overseas buyers & their business partners to keep a tab on purchasing trends & product interests.

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Increase Your Customer Numbers

Grow your customer base locally and abroad by accessing contact information of retailers, wholesalers and e-commerce businesses online. Hit your target numbers from company data and analytics.

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Expand Business Network of Your Sales Team

A sales team's output is largely determined by the size of their network. We provide data that can help you exponentially increase thar network to grab new business opportunities.

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Industry-Specific Solutions


The Global Exports of organic chemicals valued USD 18.7 trillion approximately in 2019, while Global Imports valued USD 19 trillion. Our International Trade Database covers statistics and shipping information on every industry, which is crucial to your business.

Leather and Textile

The global export of raw leather was USD 18,426.02 million in 2019, while import value of raw leather was USD 18,965.91 million in 2019. The import value of textile products was about USD 10.6 billion globally in 2019 and export value was USD 13.2 billion worldwide. Access complete data of leather & textile industry by country and product keyword.


The United Kingdom FMCG sector is the largest manufacturing industry in the world accounting for about 14% of all manufacturing. Find more about global FMCG industry worldwide by accessing industry-specific bill of lading data and market research reports.

Pharma Industry

In today's world of pandemic, pharma industry is gaining a boom. Expand your pharmaceutical business from competitive-analysis and strategical information of thousands of pharma companies worldwide that are covered in our database.

Other Industries

We also offer solutions for other industries including Live Stock, Rubber, Live Animal, Vegetables, Mineral, Metals, Plastics, Wood, Machinery etc.