Identify the potential buyers and keep track of your competitors with the global import and export data with trade insights on trading commodities from overseas locations. Determine the market share of commodities to finalise the product for your business and bring revenues.

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Find Businesses From Different Industries Through Trade Data

Determine the market share of products

Analyse the market share and potential in a commodity market. Research on your niche market to identify the share of the particular market to export commodities.

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Connect with other businesses conveniently

Find a potential list of prospects from the registered profiles of the importing and exporting companies in the global trade intelligence platform online.

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Stay ahead of the curve with a competitive advantage

Track your competitors and their shipments to stay ahead of the competition and plan your own business operations with mindfulness to planning and strategising.

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Provide efficient and quick services to your clients

Keep an eye on your sent shipments to different geographical locations throughout the world with ease and be assured of providing quality services to clients.

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Bring revenue with the valuable trade insights

Double your revenue by being ahead of the curve in the competitive space and amend your business operation by being up to-date with the the dynamic market.

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Industry-Driven Insights


Electronic products are the most exported commodity in the world, especially since the 2020s pandemic. Rising demand for electronic products such as laptops, mobile phones, cellular networks, headgears, webcams and more propelled the industry to a larger extent than any other commodity worldwide. Electronic products trade totalled $7.0 trillion in the year 2021.

Industrial Machinery

The machinery industry, specifically machine tools, are the highest growing industry consistently for years and attain an average growth rate of 5% each year. Governments of countries around the world invest substantially in industrial machinery and manufacturing units in either domestic or international locations. Global trade of industrial machinery in 2021 totalled about $5.0 trillion.

Fuels and Oils

The energy sector requires the highest amount of energy through the means of fossil fuels and biomass. More traditionally, extracting energy from minerals/fossil fuels is more common than biofuel, which is extracted from edible plants/sources. Global exports of mineral fuels and oils totalled a worth of $5.0 trillion for the year 2021.


Vehicles trade has grown exponentially in the past few years, especially after the pandemic of COVID-19 in 2020. Automobile exports between countries are growing further as the cost of transportation and convenience of transportation have increased with the growing living standard of high-income countries. Vehicles and its parts’ trade totalled $2.9 trillion for the year 2021.


Plastics, Optical or Medical Instruments, Organic Chemicals, Iron & Steel are also some of the highest exported commodities for the year 2021 and will be found in our trade intelligence platform online with integrated datasets.