Target the resources and fraudulent claims by examination of the financial values on the basis of bilateral trade data filled with insights on companies, countries, and commodities. Analyse the market share of any variable to assess the risk before insuring a client with services through exclusive shipment data.

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Monitor International Trade Data For Decision-Making Power

International Trade Data

Risk Management

Improve your analytical skills with the useful trade insights filled with a number of variables and metrics that provides better decision-making for giving mindful risk assessment advice to your organisation or employer.

Investment Managers

Leverage the financial data of decision-makers in other industries through global trade customs data, consisting of variables and metrics that provide you with particular insights to meet your specific business needs.

Insurance Analyst

Evaluate different companies and verify financial records to determine the risk associated with insurance offered between your company and the policyholder with the unrivalled insights of import-export data.


Estimate the financial and statistical performance of your organisation through the customs import-export datasets. Assess the uncertainty of financial growth as well as obligations for your company to provide insurance.

Acquire the market intelligence to make smarter business decisions.