Law Firms

Get useful Trade intelligence to understand advisory relationships, implement Market research-based strategies on companies, industries, etc. and uncover corporate connections

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We have data solutions you need for your law firms.

Collect information and expand your toolkit for critical work stream like business progress, transfer pricing, M&A dealings and conflict steadfastness. Our Trade Intelligence Platform helps law firms to best serve & retain clients, lay the groundwork for new cases or hinge into new markets.

Who We Serve


Business Development Officers & Marketing Managers

Access essential intelligence for sustainable growth as Trade data is crucial to monitor market trends, stay ahead in competition and get update on key developments.

Conflicts & Dispute Resolution

As Global Trade is becoming more complex day-by-day; conflicts have become common. For resolving conflicts and disputes, Custom data is important to make thoughtful recommendations to leadership. And for that, you need comprehensive Trade data.

M&A Lawyers

A smooth transaction is the result from Accurate Trade. M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) lawyers use Trade Insights to assess credit and analyze transactions.

Implement right strategy
to your business that start from clean data & detailed research.

  • Companies' Trade Data

    Access Trade data of companies worldwide that represent the world's market capitalization. Explore trade statistics and business profiles of public and private companies.

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  • Corporate Trade Map

    View detailed Trade Values of company & it's Trading Partners With proper Trade Map that show relationships between companies and It's Partner.

Gain full visibility into your client's business with appropriate insight.

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Industry-Specific Research

Get industry-specific data with detailed information on traded companies for having good research results. Monitor international trade data With In-depth Trade Analysis.

ecomomic data


Get detailed estimates of active Trading companies. Access global import export data and learn about import and export data of a company's Trade structure.

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Leveraged Commentary & Data

Get precise Global Trade data Which Includes Company's Trade With Detailed Fields like Trade pricings, Trade Values and Importer or Exporter partner and compare them against the market.