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Market Inside allows users to access and acquire the raw data, consisting of offline records for inbound and outbound shipments, to deliver information on the global supply chains.

Industry-Insights Served Through Smart Global Supply Chain Intelligence

Gain Actionable Insights Into Global Trade

Obtain in-depth information on global imports and exports, and keep in touch with what’s happening around the global supply chain.

Conduct A Thorough & Smart Analysis

Cultivate analysis with raw data serving data specifications of different kinds namely country, HS Code, buyer, supplier, ports, and total values.

Tap Into The History of Supply Chains

Access the historical data of the global supply chain dating back to the year 2010 and get a comprehensive view of the global markets.

Easy Access To Data For A Lifetime

The conversion into the easy-to-use Excel format allows any user to utilise the acquired data whenever and wherever they want on any device.

How This Data Is Prepared?

  1. Retrieving Trade Records

    We first retrieve the shipment records from our sources which mainly consist of customs offices, trade authorities, government agencies, and more.

  2. Assorting And Filtration

    Our team of professionals sort out the data specifications in proper raw and columns, properly organising the data into a clean representation.

  3. Final Delivery To Users

    The mine data process also pulls out any errors, and the final dataset is then exported into Excel formats—accessible from any device.

Samples For Accuracy Of Our Trade Analytics

Check out the samples for Market Inside’s trade datasets, prepared with the retrieval of data from our sources and then processed by our in-house data analysts.

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