Logistics Companies

From essential data, we help logistics companies to grow revenue by understanding and expanding your market share in Global Trade, Through Trade intelligence Platform you can increase your Trade Partners.

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Analyze data by company, country and port to grow your logistics business.

Determine Market Share

Access company data online to quickly identify & compare business of major players in your space. Use our AI-based tools to know & analyze your market share by shipment volume, consignment weight, LCL (Less-Than-Container Load) and other technical grounds.

Follow New Prospects

Get full information on import & export companies that fit your target market. Find new business prospects by gaining access to key business information & statistics including company revenues, contact details, shipping volume and current trading partners.

Build Business Relationships

Explore new opportunities and build business relationships by analyzing Trade Insights on business of your customers & competitors. Trade Data and intelligence help you adopt resourceful strategies to meet changing needs of your customers.

Designed trade

Designed to answer trade-related questions.

At Market Inside, we are focused to answer every trade-related question of our clients from the world's largest database including trade data at the individual shipment level.

Designed to answer trade-related questions.

    Cargo data

  • Bill of Lading Data:
    Importer, Exporter, Commodity Description and many more fields.
  • Container Weight:
    Metric Tons, Kilograms and other supplementary units.
  • Shipment Info:
    Value (USD), Type, LCL, TEU and so on.
  • Product Classifications:
    HS, HTS, Brand, Type, Category and many more specifications.
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