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Global Import-Export Trade Intelligence Platform

We provide a web-based trade intelligence data platform which is designed to access import and export data of 220+ Countries and 2+ billion shipment records of 1.8+ million companies. We cater trade data needs of importers, exporters, logistics companies, market research agencies, financial institutions, media and other businesses around the world.

With our largest searchable global trade database, we let you view bill of lading data with shipment records of your selected country and product. We provide global import-export data & trade intelligence information at affordable prices and expert support to resolve your queries.

Major Fields Covered in Import Export Trade Data

data duration

Data Duration

hs code

HS Code

commodity descriptions

Commodity Description









country of origin

Country of Origin

country of description

Country of Destination



many more

Many More


We give you access over 2+ billion shipment records and more than 1.8+ million companies. For manifest data authenticity, we collect global market information and statistics from the most trusted sources:




Shpping & Logistics Companies

port authorities

Port Authorities

trade associations

Trade Associations

government bodies

Government Bodies

social networks

Social Networks


Chambers of Commerce


News and Directories

Our Platform is designed to Answer Trade-related Questions

We are focused on delivering the most accurate trade intelligence data that our clients need to take workable business decisions. Our world import export data helps you to find correct answers of the following questions on traded product, company, bilateral trade, market trends, trade partner etc.

  • What is the market size of a product or industry?
  • What are the latest trends in that market – i.e. is the market growing and by how much?
  • What is the tariff level of a specific market?
  • Which are potential importing companies of your product in a target country?
  • Which are active exporting companies of your product in a target country?
  • Which companies are the major competitors in a specific market?
  • Which countries does your country currently trade certain products with?
  • Which countries supply the majority of your country’s imports?
  • Which countries import the majority of your country’s exports?
  • What is the current trade performance of your country?
  • Which countries are the major competitors in a specific market?
  • For which commodities is there potential to increase bilateral trade with a specific partner?
  • What is the trade flows between your country and a specific region or economic group?
  • What is the current trade structure between the two countries?
  • What is the balance of trade between the two countries?
  • Are there potential new areas that could be explored to expand bilateral trade?
  • What is the total import or export traffic of ports located in your trading country?
  • Which ports handle the maximum shipments of your trading partner?
  • Which are the major ports in the world?